Ranthambhore National Park Blog

Ranthambore is to be considered one of the largest Tiger Reserve in India. Ranthambore National Park located at sawai Madhopur district of eastern Rajasthan and exactly lies on Aravali and Vindhyas rang. Ranthambore spread over an area approx 1410.64 sq.km and one of the best wildlife destinations in the world to observe wild Tigers in its own territory. The forest of the park is the tropical dry deciduous and tropical thorn type due to its rocky path, limited source of water and few lakes. Open grasslands , dry deciduous forest, grassplot in valleys and several rivers and lakes, make the pictorial.

January 22, 2017

Ranthambore Festival in 2017

Ranthambore Festival is going to be held from 27-29 January 2017 at glorious Nahargarh Palace in Ranthambore National Park. Enjoy greatly your long weekend with Jungle Safari tour and Rajasthani folk music and
January 7, 2017

Fight between two tigers in Ranthambore National Park

Tiger Fight in Ranthambore National Park Once again Two Tiger clashed over territory in Ranthambore sanctuary[...]
December 3, 2016

Tigress T-39 spotted with three cubs in Ranthambore

This is good news from Ranthambhore National Park that on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 three new cubs were spotted in Ranthambhore[...]
November 14, 2016

Tigress T-83 Lightning Fell into deep well in Ranthambore but saved

Tigress T-83 a.k.a Lightning fell into deep shallow well at Khava Village in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.[...]
October 21, 2016

Tigress T83 Lightning sojourn out of Ranthambore National Park

Nowadays in Ranthambore the young tiger-tigress is struggling for territory, Tigress Arrowhead aka T84 [...]
October 17, 2016

Tiger Territory in every zone of Ranthambore National Park

Tiger sightings at every zone in Ranthambore National Park Ranthambore sanctuary, which is began on the [...]
August 20, 2016

India’s Most Famous Tigress “Machhli” Died in Ranthambore

India’s most famous tigress Queen of Ranthambhore “Machhali” alias T-16 passed away [...]
July 30, 2016
ranthabore jeep safari

Ranthambore safari is open again in Monsoon season

29 July 2016, On the International Tiger Day, Rajasthan Forest Department has issued decrees for[...]