5 Reasons to Must Visit Ranthambore National Park

There are 5 reasons to visit Ranthambore National Park as Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest tiger reserves in India and this tiger reserve is located in the land of the kings of Rajasthan.

It is not exaggeration that Ranthambore is one of the best famous wildlife destination of India, which is flocked by tourist including both Indian and non Indian throughout the year. The wilderness experience and history of the majestic fort makes people crazy. If one wants to observer the wildlife and heritage of the Ranthambhore, certainly, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is the best place to visit at Rajasthan in India.

The land of the tiger "Ranthambore national park" is one of the largest tiger reserve in India and located in the land of the kings – Rajasthan. India is a country of snake charmers and tigers. That being said, the Tiger is our national animal and we are really proud that we have protected tiger from the brink of extinction. Definitely you will understand that what powered Blake's poem- "Tiger, Tiger burning bright" when you visit Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve for a Jungle safari tour to meet majestic wild Big cat of the Asia , which is around 155 km from Jaipur airport , that is nearest one of the Ranthambhore and hardly 14 km from the Sawai Madhopur railway station. This small animal planet Ranthambore is known worldwide for its exemplary hospitality. There is no dearth of enchantments while on tours to Ranthambore India – beautiful wildlife and National park, wild ancient places, magnificent fort, camel ride, jeep safari, museum, Jungle safari, festivals and temples etc. This article lucubrate 5 reasons to visit Ranthambore.

1. Ranthambore is home to various species of wildlife. 

Ranthambore Tiger reserve is most visited wildlife tourist place in Rajasthan and one of the most filmed wildlife reserves in the world. It also embraces omitted fortress and lakes. Ranthambore national Park is excellent destination for a complete consideration, while planning a perfect holiday in search of the Tiger in the wild. It is being established with dry deciduous forests and striking background of meadows scattered around the fort. It's spectacular shelter for wildlife. The wild creature's population includes Sāmbhar deer, spotted deer, languor, Jackal, Sloth Bear, common mongoose, Striped Hyena, crocodile, leopard and major attraction is Tiger!

2. Ranthambore jungle Safari tour

 Run out of the city's hectic life, Ranthambore Jungle safari is a fantastic option to be enjoyed with wildlife. It could be taken by jeep or canter. It offers to wildlife enthusiast more chance to explore wildlife and encounter the tiger. There are two safari shift in Ranthambore one in the early morning and second in late afternoon. Both vehicle of safari in Ranthambore take you to heart of the park on same route and offer same wildlife viewing. Game drive to the National park on morning as well as evening makes highly astonishing. The stunning backdrop of the park is memorable for tiger safari tour.

3. Majestic Rranthambore Fort Visit

The glorious Ranthambore fort located on top the isolated hill dominating the exhaustive Tiger reserve. The fort beckons to visitors and one of the key attractions in Ranthambore. It is part of the world heritage site petrography Hill Forts of Rajasthan. It is well worth to visit place in Ranthambore. Early trip to Ranthambore fort along with lots of steps, really it makes rejuvenation. All ruins of the fort are mute testimony of the past. It is believed that Fort was founded in 944 AD by the Nagil Jats but actual fame of the Ranthambore fort came into existence when chauhan dynasty came here and made their place their capital. Hammir Dev was the last king of this splendid fort. 32 pillars cenotaph and ganesh temple is major attraction of this fort. It is well maintained in spite of millions of visitors and devotees visit daily. If you are lucky, Tiger might be seen while driving to Ranthambore Fort. In fact, view of the national park from the fort, is awesome and breathtaking. If you're planning to visit Ranthambore you must visit this historical fort.

4. Museum in Ranthambore

Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum of Natural History, Sawai Madhopur is recommended to visit in between time slot of two jungle safari rides. This is the fourth Museum of Natural History in the Western Region, located at Village Ram Singhpura sawai madhopur. Ranthambore museum timings are 10 am to 5 pm, Tuesday to Sunday and Museum remains close on Monday and other national holidays. Entry of museum is free of cost. Beautiful pictures and lots of details about the nature and its secrets on Vertical Panels, really each panel is worth reading. Overall the museum is based on the biodiversity of Rajasthan.

5. Historical city and illustrious monuments.

Ranthambore is known also for its old city and temples. City sawai madhopur have much attraction for visitors. The Old city named sawai madhopur was founded by Madho Singh 1 of Jaipur (1750–1768) and town was gifted by Mughal Emperor Shah Alam. It is surrounded by rolling hills of Aravallis and Vindhayas. Panoramic views of hummocks welcome to all visitors. Kala Gaura temple, Chmatkar Jain temple, Amreswar mahadev is quiet well attraction of the city. Local Market and its selling goods like lahariya , bandhani, block printed textiles and silver jewelers draw attention of thousand of traveler.

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