Best-Zone-for-Tiger-Sighting-in-Ranthambore Best Zone for Tiger Sighting in Ranthambore National Park

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When it comes to tigers and wild animals in India, there is no better place than Ranthambore. Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest national parks in northern India and it is located in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan.

Rich flora and fauna, Jeep safari, huge majestic fort with splendid palaces, spectacular heritage sites and glorious divine temples is the jewel of Ranthambore. But this is not only the legacy of wild animals, for which Ranthambore is known, this place has also been blessed with the reward of natural beauty. Ranthambore is one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan which is full of natural and wildlife abundance.

Whenever a tourist plans to visit Ranthambore and comes for Jungle safari, so the biggest question in front of tourists is the selection of the safari Zone in Ranthambore National Park. At Present, there are 10 safari zones in Ranthambore National Park. If observed in the right way, all the safari zones are good and have Tiger territory.

Best Tiger Spotting zones in Ranthambore

Yes! It is true that some of them are very good safari zones in Ranthambore National Park. These are included zone no.3, 4, 2, 5 and 6. For the last several years, the tourists have seen more tigers on these safari zones, but it would not be fair to say that tigers can be sighted only on these Safari zones in Ranthambore, while there is territory of tiger on every safari zone in Ranthambore. However some Safari zones have beautiful landscape and lakes. These zones are zone number 3 and 4. While other safari zones have also water body and these are good place to see wild animals in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. But, Zone 3 is the most popular and preferred safari zone of tourists. There are some things that separate Zone 3 from other zones. As such, there are three lakes in this zone, including Padam Lake, Rajbagh Lake and Malik Lake. It is believed that this is the most suitable habitat for tigers in Ranthambore. Due to being near Ranthambore fort, the beauty of this zone and the surrounding scenes become captivating.

Ranthambore Tiger safari

But for the Ranthambore Safari, Forest Department has applied some terms and conditions, under which limited safari vehicles goes to the park in every shift, in which there are four jeeps and four Canters in every zone. Both safari vehicle jeep and canter go to the same zone of Ranthambore. Only Caners are not allowed in zone number 7, 8 and 10 due to steep climb and hilly track. Forest department can increase the number of safari vehicles on festivals period. Forest Department provides online safari booking facility to choose the preferred safari zone 90 days before from the date of visit in advance reservation.

Best safari zone to visit in Ranthambore

However, all Safari zones are best for tiger sighting and exploring wildlife in Ranthambore. All safari zones are blessed with the different species of animals and birds. If you're planning to visit Ranthambore and want to book a Ranthambore tour package then first you can try to choose zone 1 to 5 for your jungle safari tour, where you have higher chance for tiger sighting. If jeep is not available in zone 1 to 6 then you can take Safari in the Canter and book your safari zone in advance as much you can. There is only sitting difference between jeep and canter, while both safari vehicles go to the same zone except the zones 7, 8 and 10. Only 6 people can be accommodated in one Jeep while 20 people in Canter. If jeeps are not available then canters are recommended for safari in zone 1 to 6. if you are more interested to take only jeep safari in Ranthambore and you are unable to choose safari zone 1 to 5 which is recommended by tourist and your friends then book your jungle safari in zone 6 to 10 because this is also good safari zone in Ranthambore. Although zone 1, 6, 7, 8 & 10 are termed as route with lesser chances of sighting, but it's not like that you won't have any sighting there. These safari zones have also good population of Tiger and other wild animals in Ranthambore.

Tiger spotting on zone 10 Ranthambore

Your jeep and nature guide will take you to the magical Balas , kundaal , chidikho and Aantri area of the Tiger reserve , a haven for wildlife which lies in the scenic area of the Aravalli Hills. It is an ideal place to see wildlife and to do the safari in Ranthambhore National Park. These safari zones offer rugged hillsides, beautiful scenery and wildlife in Ranthambore. It is one of the best habitats in the area for the leopard, the Honey Buzzard, the Indian Courser, sloth bear, hyena, Tiger and many more!

Tiger Sighting in Ranthambore

Every safari zone has tiger territory and has pretty wildlife viewing in Ranthambore. People often like to go to safari zone 1 to 5 whereas it is not confirm that if you are going to jungle safari in one of the zone from the 1 to 5 then you will see Tiger. There is no single special zone in Ranthambore where you go and see the tiger, whether you go for a safari on any zone in Ranthambore, Tiger sighting depends on pure luck followed by patience and persistence. Tiger spotting in the forest is mater of chance. Therewith Tiger sighting depends on prey density, climate, visibility, last sighting of the Tiger, territory specifications, alarm calls, presence of scavengers indicating a kill etc. in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. If you do not see tiger in 3-4 safaris, then you should consider yourself as a bad luck. It is not advisable to completely focus on tigers because you will lose many other interesting wildlife sights.

Ranthambore Safari Zone

There is no any Buffer zone in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve .There is Critical Tiger habitat (CTH) and area of the Tiger Reserve in Ranthambore around 1700 sq km. As per Supreme Court guide line only 20% part of the Tiger reserve is open for tourism activities like Jungle safaris.

There are buffer zones only in Karauli District of state. The critical tiger habitat of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (RTR) is split in two equal-sized divisions. One part is the Ranthambore division, where at present the tiger population is booming, while the other is the Kailadevi division, which is a less populated area of tigers.

Tiger territory as per safari zone in Ranthambore

Zone Tigers
​Zone no.1 ​T-57,T-39 with 3 cubs,T-84
​Zone no.2​T-60 with her 3 cubs, T-39 with her 3 cubs,T-57, T-85,T-84, T-63.
​Zone no.3​T-19,T-28,T-84 and T-85.
​Zone no.4​T-19, T-28, T-85,T-84,T-74,T-75,T-41 with her cubs.
​Zone no.5​T-19,T-28, T-64, T-74,T-75, T-41 with her 2 cubs,T-83 and T-73 with her 2 cubs
​Zone no.6​T-57, T-34, T-08 and T-58.
​Zone no.7​T-34,T-08,T-58 and T-61 with her 2 cubs.
​Zone no.8​T-58,T-08,T-34 and T-61 with her 2 cubs.
​Zone no.9 & 10​T-42,T-43, T-13 and T-59.