Do’s and Don’ts for Ranthambore National Park wildlife Tour

Do's and Don'ts and Travel tips for Ranthambore National Park wildlife Tour:

For all those people who have often read our blog here, it is quite clear that Ranthambore Jungle safari trip often expressed as a subject. I love Ranthambore wildlife Jungle safari trips. If I could, then I would like to spend my entire life with wild animals in Ranthambore through a forest safari. I'd marry on a Safari trip in Ranthambore national Park.

Wildlife Safari is always fun at Ranthambore. What can be more attractive than catching the glimpse of wildlife species in Ranthambore, which live in their natural habitat? However, despite being so seductive, sometimes wildlife trips can cause insanity to attack humans because of the negligence and Ignorance of visitors. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of such cases in world where conflict between humans and wildlife has also emerged during a wildlife tour. Let me give insight on some of the recent wildlife news on animal attacks:

  • In China, in January 2017, a man climbed a fence around the tiger's vicinity in the zoo and tiger killed him.
  • This year, a similar incident took place on 8 May in Uganda, where a leopard attacked a two-year-old boy in Queen Elizabeth National Park and killed him.
  • In May 2016, another incident took place in the Cincinnati Zoo, USA, where a three-year-old boy fell into the moat of Gorilla named Harambe. Before moving the boy into dry land, the gorilla dragged him through the water. However, the Zoo Authority saved the child, but the gorilla was shot in the rescue.
  • Kangaroo attack on people in Australia has also become a serious problem. According to reports, for the past few months many cases have been reported, where the kangaroos attacked those visitors who wanted them to feed something in the form of food.

The above mentioned incidents in the whole world are just a few of the many cases, and thus, there are some things that you need to know during a visit to a National park, Wildlife sanctuary and zoo. This article is covering all the major secured points for wildlife, and during the jungle safari tour there is no victim of wild animal attack. So, today we will discuss the jungle safari rules in Ranthambore National Park.

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Plan your wildlife trip

 Make a real basic wildlife tour plan that how you want to go wildlife trip, what wildlife destination do you want to go, where do you want to go with, whom do you want to go with, where do you want to stay?

Do not make harsh plans where you are bound for a long road trip and your longest time just goes to reach the destination. If you want to reach your wildlife destination only by road, then I will recommend you a day trip.

Try to get a decent number of friends for the trip. Sometimes the general rule of merrier is applied here…

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Set Travel Budget

Make a travel budget before traveling anywhere. Do not make an unrealistic budget for travel. Get the fixed money in the budget. If any member of your group has a low budget due to any real reason, then help him. It presents you with your kindness.

The most important thing is that you should enjoy your tour completely. Do not haste into any work or sightseeing, do all the work with ease and with pleasure.

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Follow the guidelines and nature guide instructions

Especially when you are in the natural wildlife area and around some violent wild creatures, the rules of the forest are not always to be broken.

If you are on the wildlife safari in Ranthambore National Park, then the first and foremost caution should be taken that everyone should take into account that is not to be victim of any animal attack, to behave according to the relevant tourist guidelines.

Also, be sure to always follow the instructions given by your Nature Guide because they are expert naturalists and they know more about wildlife and animals than you.

The role of a Nature Guide in the forest is like a bridge, which connects people with nature. It is a face of nature through which you can get as much information as you can about forests and wildlife.

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Do not get down from the safari jeep/Canter in Park

During the jungle safari in Ranthambore neither gets down from the safari jeep nor keep your body parts out. Well, this is equally important as the above mentioned point. In the wildlife safari anywhere in the world you will be strictly instructed that you stay on your jeep. One of the main reasons for this is that animals are used in the sight of the safari jeep and canter in the Park. At that time when you get off your jeep or canter, in this situation wild animals feel threatened by you and in the end they can also attack you.

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Do not feed wild animals in park

Sometimes it is seen during the safari that we try to feed them by looking at the stimulus or animal-friendly behavior. This is a direct violation of wildlife rules and this can be the biggest mistake on wildlife tour. Also, during the jungle safari, do not take any food items and never throw your remaining food in the park area. However, the Rajasthan Forest Department has completely banned plastic in Ranthambore National Park. Because of this, the animals rely on these edibles and at that time they become a threat to the visitors when they are starving or unable to hunt. Another reason suggests that after feeding animals, they gradually lose their skills to hunt and they are hindered to find food. Sometimes, as a result, they also die due to hunger. So please do not feed to wild animals and birds in Ranthambore national park.

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Avoid Getting Close to Wildlife

During the jungle safari, the motive of most people is to see the tiger only, and for this they visit the park repeatedly so that they can see the tiger and the Tiger sighting can always remain embedded in their memories. But it is also said that there is a very thin line between being smart and stupid.

In the eagerness to see the tiger and other wildlife, people often forget the rules of the forest department and they are very close to wild animals, which can be a huge mistake during the jungle safari. This is not only tiger, or leopard, which requires you to maintain a safe distance. Sambhar Chital, Nilgai etc. can be the coolest creatures, but you never know when they will become violent, therefore, it is best to avoid wildlife encounters near the calmest animals.

In addition, some people go closer to these animals to get better photographs but remember they are not pets. These animals can be ever more angry, powerful and violent as you can never imagine. Typically, a distance of about 30 meters should be kept from the tiger and if there is cubs with it, then this distance should be at least 50 meters.

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Don't Use flashlight

 Turn off your camera and mobile phone flashlight during the jungle safari and while taking photographs of wild animals. Yes! If your camera flashlight in on, then it can be a threat to you. While experiencing the jungle safaris in any Wildlife Sanctuary it is a major point, most visitors rarely pay attention on it and it gives rise to human-wildlife conflicts. Well, you should be aware of the fact that during the wildlife tour in Ranthambore, your mobile or camera flashlight can be very dangerous for you.

Mobile and camera flashlight scares wild animals while photographing during the wildlife safari. This increases the likelihood of wild animals being violent and it may also attack the visitors. Therefore, make sure that your camera or mobile's flashlight is turned off during the photograph. Apart from this, according to many reports on wildlife, flashlight harm animals and birds retina. However, this is a matter of debate because it has been opposed by many wildlife experts and professionals.

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Don't leave the safari track

Exclude specific locations, do not cross-country drive except Safari track, do not crowd more than two vehicles at one place. Wherever you go on a wildlife tour, whether zoos, national parks or sanctuaries, just make sure you stay on the allotted route. Do not get out of the route allocated by the Forest Authority to get better glimpse of wildlife or more wild beings. Doing this may lead to loss of wildlife, animal attack, or any other accident.

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Keep calm inside the park

When you go to the Jungle safari in Ranthambore National Park, keep silent inside the park and go slowly and carefully around it. One of the main reasons for attacking animals on humans is that they understand that the person is afraid or very excited, Which in turn also scares the animals, and in this illusion the wild animals attack and besides they have no option. Therefore, when we see any wild animal in the forest, we should stay calm and do not make any noise there, because it may scare the animal. However, these animals do not harm anyone until they are given stress or threat. Apart from this, visitors should ensure that the natural activities of animals do not disturb, especially during sexual intercourse and food.

There is nothing to do during an animal encounter. On a safari tour, if the animals are sitting on the road or crossing the road, especially in the case of deer and tigers, then be sure to stop there. These animals are extremely protective for their loved ones and a provocative step by you can cause the attack of deadly tigers.

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Wear sober clothes with appropriate Colors

Before going to the park excursion, wear sober clothes with eco-friendly colors. During the jungle safari in the park, select brown or green color clothes. When wild animals see bright colors, they may be frightened because the bright colors are provocative and they are not used in the jungle. During the jungle safari, we should wear camouflage print clothes so that we can mix with the surrounding environment because it is the best way to get close to wildlife. Most national parks and sanctuaries have the rules of the wearing camouflage clothes or of neutral colors in the forest. The reason for wearing such sober clothes while going to the forest is that bright colors attract animals more, and therefore, there can be a big risk of animal attacks.

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No one should have a false impression that the attacks of animals are subjected only to big cats, reptiles, such as wild animals, whereas the reality is that even a normal and harmless creature in the forest can be an attacker. Those who are venturing into their forest area should not forget that they are destroying wildlife habitats. Clearly, wildlife does not like this type of environment, so they can attack you too.

Therefore, whenever you visit the forest, and then follow the rules of the forest!

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