Is really Ustad T24 a Man-Eater?

In this context, wildlife experts unveiled their different opinions on this hasty decision and claimed that T24 is not man-eater. Former wildlife consultant Dr. Tehsin Raza said the move to shift a tiger from open habitat of Ranthambore National Park to an enclosure at Udaipur zoo was not a right decision. He added that any wild animal would not attack to human being, until he/she was bothered from Sideways. We all know behind reason of these attacks that physically distance between a wild tiger and pedestrian human being was not respected. Ustad a.k.a T24 had been made tarnished by people, due to his destructive attack. 

Photo courtesy Joydip Suchandra Kundu

A tragic sooth about T24 is that his territory was main road to the Ranthambore Fort and Ganesh Temple, which has medium to high human social activity in his region. In addition It should be noted that tiger was amazed by the existence of human being so close to him. He had not killed to human species for consumption of meat. We know very well and often seen frequently that tiger is such a wild animal who living alone in the forest and he does not like any intervention in his territory, In particular, the human walking activities. Although for many years tourism, tiger and human have good relationship to each other. Many tigers have become lenient for jungle safari vehicles and people aboard them. Generally, a wild tiger see a human being walking around in the forest. The first reaction is to escape from the scene or change the path.

Photo courtesy by Bina Kak-Politician,Actor,Social Activist
Photo courtesy by Bina Kak-Politician,Actor,Social Activist
Photo courtesy by Bina Kak-Politician,Actor,Social Activist

Moreover, In the Ustad's latest issue, the final result was the tragic death of forest guard Rampaal Saini. Tiger T24 was astonished by his presence at a fairly close distance to him. Ustad attacked him in defense of himself. It was not deliberate pounce. Although, there are lots of people goes on foot every day to the Ranthambore Fort and Ganesh temple, who have seen T24 several time on the main road doing a territorial walk and marking But he often ignores the presence of humans. Especially on Wednesday, thousands of people visit temples and fort but he has never attacked even a single person in his history. It seems that he was very tolerant to human being but a human being needs to keep distance with a tiger and save tiger!

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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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