NEWS: Male Tiger T-42 Fateh is walking Lame in Ranthambore National Park

T42 Fateh Ranthambore

Apprehension of injury…

Male Tiger T-42 a.k.a Fateh is injured at zone 10 in Phalodi Range area of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. For some time he has been feeling uncomfortable due to her foot problems. On Monday, November 27, 2017 evening at around 4:30 p.m. in front of the Forest checkpoint at zone 10, the tourists saw him limp. The tiger sat down after a while. Tourists said that the tiger had swelling on the leg. In this situation he sat down after a few walking and reported to forest officers about this. Regional Forest Officer Tulsiram said that this information has been received from tourists. It's being tracked since the evening but the tiger is not found right now, only after visible tiger injury can be detected.

An introduction to the Ranthambore Tiger T42 a.k.a Fateh

T42 a.k.a "Fateh" is dominant male tiger of the Ranthambore Tiger reserve. This big male tiger has domination on the Kuwalji area of Ranthambore, which comes in Zone 9. He also rules in Zone 10 of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. He is known also aggressive Kuwalji male Tiger in Ranthambore. It has been named after the legendary conservationist of Ranthambore, Fateh Singh Rathore – tribute to a great person. He is son of T-30 Husan Ara. T30 a.k.a Husan Ara had given birth to two males and one female cub in her second litter. Fateh or T-42 is one of them male tigers. His Sister T-44 has been shifted to Sariska Tiger Reserve by the Forest department. While his brother T-43 lives in the eastern region of the Sawai Mansingh sanctuary in Ranthambore.

Tiger couple will be relocated from Ranthambore Na...
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