NEWS: Panther dies in conflict with Tiger – Ranthambore National Park

NEWS: Panther dies in Tiger attack in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve 

On Wednesday, June 21,2017 , In the morning, Panther died during the conflict between the Tiger and the Panther in the Palighat forest area of the Faludi Range of Ranthambore Sanctuary. Panther is a versatile word that can refer to different leopards, jaguars, or mountain lions. Tiger project officer Sanjeev Sharma said that in the morning, there was a conflict between the Tiger and the Panther in the Pali Ghat forest area.

Tiger broke Panther’s neck and ate some part of his back body, this caused his death. Upon receipt of this information, Forest employee reached on spot and took Panther’s dead body to the Balas Forest Chowki. Where postmortem was conducted by veterinarians and the dead body was cremated. The team of medical board included Dr. Rajiv Garg, Dr. Rajesh Ratan Meena and Rajkumar. Dr. Rajiv Garg, veterinary doctor told that Panther’s neck was broken due to the tiger attack. Apart from this, Panther has died due to wounds in several places in his attack.

The possibility of conflict for hunting

According to the ACF, Probably a fight between the Tiger and the Panther would be happened due to hunt. The fight lasted for a long time. But Panther could not fight with the tiger for a long time. Tiger broke the neck of Panther in this conflict. At the same time, the Tiger also attacked many time on the back of Panther by his claws. He also ate the back part of Panther in this attack. On the basis of the pugmarks on the spot, this tiger seems to be a male cub of Tigress T-61.

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