Tiger-T-102-Ranthambor Good news from Ranthambore: Tigress T-102 gave birth to four cubs
Tigress T 102 Ranthambore National Park

The tigress T-102 has given birth to four cubs in Ranthambore. This news has triggered a wave of joy among wildlife lovers. The news of happiness came from Ranthambore National Park on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

The tigress T102 appeared in the Ama Ghati (Valley) area in Ranthambore National Park with her four new cubs. For the first time, these cubs were captured in the photo trap camera of the forest department. Forest officials said cameras were installed on Monday to locate the tigress. When it was examined on Tuesday, she was seen playing with four cubs.

Significantly, tigress T102 is the daughter of tigress T73.

Tigress T102 was born around March 2016. She is the daughter of T-73. The mother of tigress T102, tigress T73 is the dominant tigress of Kachida valley since childhood. The tigress T 102 is the first litter of the tigress T-73.

The forest of Ranthambore Sanctuary located in Sawai Madhopur district is a delight. Here the tigress T-102 has given birth to 4 cubs simultaneously. After the photos in the camera trap, the concerned officials confirmed it. Chief Wildlife Warden Mohanlal Gupta called it very good news.

Let us tell you that before this the mother of tigress 102, T-73 has also born four cubs (in second litter). At the same time, this happiness was received twice from T-19, but only three of these cubs survived.

First Litter of Tigress T102

Forest officials said that the tigress T102, about 4 years old, has given birth to cubs for the first time. The cubs are about three months old.

Wave of happiness in Ranthambore tourism

The birth of 4 new cubs brought joy to the people associated with Ranthambore tourism. Wildlife lovers are also happy with this news.