Ranthambore’s Sawai Madhopur Railway Station got an amazing makeover with wildlife Graffiti

Sawai Madhopur Railway Station. Photo courtesy : Wasim Akhtar

Wow! Those tourists who are arriving by Train at Ranthambhore National Park, began appearing wildlife paintings at Sawai Madhopur railway station, because sawai Madhopur railway station in Rajasthan has become wildlife art museum and one of the most attractive railway stations in the Country with graffiti and spectacular wildlife paintings spread across its walls. 

Tiger Paintings at sawai Madhopur railway Station – Ranthambore National park Indian. Photo by wasim
Ranthambore Wildlife Art at sawai Madhopur Railway Station Rajasthan India, Photo by Wasim
Wall paintings on sawai Madhopur Railway station – Ranthambhore . Photo by wasim

It has been reported to be the first railway station of its kind in the country and according to the information it has been declared the country's first "Heritage Railway Station" also. The project of makeover of the railway station is being funded by the World Wildlife Fund India (WWF-I) and It has made unique with collaboration of WWF-I and Ministry of Railways. The Sawai Madhopur Railway station welcomes a large number of tourists every year for Ranthambore National Park and wildlife jungle safari.

Wildlife paintings and Graffiti on Ranthambhore, Railway station sawai Madhopur, Photo by Wasim
Ranthambore Art on sawai Madhopur Train Station , Photo by wasim
Beautiful art composition on the wall of sawai Madhopur railway station. Photo by Wasim
Wildlife Graffiti on Ranthambore- Railway station, Photo by Wasim

The sawai Madhopur railway station is gateway to the famous Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan and it is around 14 km from Ranthambore National Park and it is on the main railway line between Delhi and Mumbai and is also well connected to capital of Rajasthan "Jaipur". There are many regular super fast trains like Rajdhani express, Jan Shatabdi and many more between these destinations. Graffiti, paintings of the flora and fauna of the area have been adorned the ceilings and walls of the railway station, which is making tourists feel like being in the Ranthambore National Park itself.

A beautiful scene of the Ranthambore National Park – Sawai Madhopr Railway platform – Photo by wasim
A Beautiful wildlife Painting on Sawai Madhopur Railway station – Photo by wasim
Tiger painting at sawai Madhopur Railway Station main Entrance Gate – photo by Wasim

The architect of this brilliant idea was conceptualized by "Tiger Man" and one India's most respected wildlife expert and conservationists, Valmik Thapar along with WWF-I. They discussed with the Ministry of Railways and the offer was accepted. More than five thousand feet of the station walls have been painted with flora and fauna by team of the local artists which is lead by masters Gajanand Singh and Narayan Singh. They are original members of the Ranthambhore School of Art which was founded in 1988 by India's best known Tiger-man Valmik Thapar, through the supported by Ranthambhore Foundation (NGO). The Art school has trained over 250 local wildlife artists which belong to local area of the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

Ranthambore‘s master artist Mr. Gajanand Singh is making Tiger painting on Railway station
Tiger painting at Ranthambore , sawai Madhopur railway station, Photo by wasim
Ranthambore’s sawai Madhopur railway Station – Rajasthan Indian, Photo by wasim

The Sawai Madhopur Railway station's walls, pillars and ceiling lavishly painted with the host of the Ranthambhore wildlife, such as sloth bear, hyenas, Caracals, spotted Deer , Sambar deer, Blue bull, Monkeys, crocodile, Jackal , leopard and Big cats , of course Tigers ! Other than this scenic view of the Ranthambore National Park with wild animals and some painting have background of the majestic Ranthambore Fort. Birds are including egret, stork, kingfisher, Tree pie, eagle, vulture and cormorant etc. About 20 artists worked together on the project for two months. "Ranthambore art style" is being used by artists, which is quite famous in India and abroad. The paintings of the sawai Madhopur railway station reflect the threats to the reserve's forest – of wilderness laid to waste by Tree felling and exterminatory activities.

Ranthambore’s Banyan tree painting on Railway station – Sawai Madhopur, Photo by wasim
Amazing Banyan tree painting on ceiling at sawai Madhopur railway station – Ranthambore, Photo by Wasim
Beautiful Ranthambore‘s birds painting on Banyan tree at Railway station, Photo by Wasim

At the Sawai Madhopur Railway station at entrance, Ranthambore wildlife enthusiasts will recognize its famous Banyan tree that is spread around the Jogi Mahal at Ranthambore National Park. In its artistic incarnation, banyan tree has depicted with beautifully and its wide roots are spread on the walls and ceiling of the railway station. Banyan Tree is a characteristic part of the life cycle, and is itself a Society, and that is why myriad creatures are thriving on this tree, such as – peacocks, squirrels, kingfishers, woodpeckers, bulbuls, Drongo , Indian Darter , monkeys etc. therefore depicted lifelike by artists. Ficus benghalensis or Indian banyan is the national tree of India. The vision behind this project is to make visitors awareness about conservation in Ranthambore National park.

Welcome to Sawai Madhopur railway Station for Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary visit , Photo by wasim

Train Jan Shatabdi also being painted by Ranthambore artist and those people traveling to sawai Madhopur, will be able to applaud to see adorned painting on the train. This is world's first unique experiment to paint the train and railway station on wildlife theme. According to the master artist Mr. Gajanand , These painting is being made by Acryl color, which for 10 years will not deteriorate in any way. It is a welcome step and an appreciation for wildlife as well as artists and will create a sense of pride in local people.

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