Tiger-T-34-Kumbha-Ranthambore News: Male Tiger T 34 aka Kumbha dies in Ranthambore National Park
TIGER T34 aka Kumbha - Ranthambore

A sad news has come out from Ranthambore National Park on the day of World Environment Day. There is a very sad news for wildlife and tiger lovers. On June 5, 2022, male tiger T 34 aka Kumbha has died in Ranthambore National Park. The body of Tiger T34 was found in Zone 6 of Ranthambore National Park.

Wildlife lovers drowned in grief after the body of Tiger T-34 was found on the Chataya mountain of Talavati forest area in Zone No. 6 of Ranthambore. The age of Tiger T 34 aka Kumbh is about 16 years.

As soon as the information was received, the top officials of the forest department reached the spot and took the carcass of the tiger in their possession. The carcass of the tiger was brought to the Rajbagh Naka forest post. In the presence of forest department and administrative officials, the veterinary doctors of Ranthambore conducted the post-mortem of the dead body, after which the tiger's carcass was cremated.

Ranthambore Deputy Conservator of Forests Mahendra Sharma told that the body of Tiger T-34 is 5 to 6 days old. The carcass of the tiger was found lying in the inaccessible place in the dense forest on the hill, far away from the trekking route. The tiger probably died in a clash with another tiger as it has injury marks on its neck and legs. Tiger T-34 is about 16 years old, so there is a possibility of T-34 being killed in a conflict with another young Tiger.