Tiger T-91 Injured by Porcupine Spines in Ranthambore

Tiger T-91 Injured by Porcupine Spines in Ranthambore National Park. 

On Wednesday, June 7, 2017 a male tiger T91 a.k.a Mirza appeared at roughly six o'clock at Kachcha Chaata area of the Ranthambore National Park. There were seven thorns' quills on his body. He was injured by four spines near neck and three spines were in chest.

The injured tiger was tranquilize by the team of the forest department and he was operated . This operation lasted about half an hour. Seven quills in the tiger's neck and chest were successfully removed by Dr. Rajeev Garg and his team. Dr. Garg told that after 15 minutes of treatment, the tiger came to senses. As per the Dr. Garg If the tiger was not treated on time then his life could have been risked.

Tiger T-91 is the fourth litter of theT-30 a.k.a Husn-Ara, This tigress lives in most non-tourism areas. The territory of the Tigress T30 is Aam Choki nearby Gilaisagar in Khandar It is believed that father of this male tiger is T-3. She was dead on 21 January 2016. After her death both cubs male and female made their own territory and got Id Number, male Tiger know as T91 and female got T90.

A few month ago ( 28 June 2016) this Male Tiger came out from the Aam choki to Rajbagh area and sharing his territory with Tigress Arrowhead a.k.a T84 , at present tigress Arrowhead is queen of the lake area at zone number 3 of the Ranthambore National Park. A few days ago both were seen there to have mating near the Malik Lake.

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