Tigress-Sultana-T-107-Ranthambore Tigress Sultana T107 gave birth to cubs in Ranthambore National Park
Tigress Sultana T 107 in Ranthambore

The day of Sunday, June 5, 2022 in Ranthambore National Park brought both joy and sorrow for wildlife lovers. In the morning, where the body of tiger T 34 i.e. Kumbha was found in the ROPT range, the wildlife lovers became sad, but by the end of the evening, once again there was a wave of happiness among the wildlife lovers.

This time in Ranthambore wildlife lovers have been given a happy occasion by tigress T107 i.e. Sultana. The tigress Sultana alias T107 has been spotted with a cub in Mishar darrah cave near Gomukhi.

Forest guard saw cub with tigress with binoculars

Forest officials said that while trekking in the evening, a cub along with the tigress Sultana in the cave near Gomukhi was spotted by the forest worker through binoculars. In such a situation, the possibility of giving birth to more than one cub of the tigress is also being expressed.

Became a mother for the second time

According to the information received from the Forest Department, the tigress Sultana has given birth to cubs for the second time. Earlier in the Amreshwar forest area, the tigress Sultana gave birth to three cubs.

Forest Department banned the entry of pedestrians and two wheelers

As a precaution from the Forest Department, due to the presence of cubs of tigress Sultana on the main road of Ranthambore Fort, people traveling on foot and two-wheelers have been banned from Monday morning till further orders. For this, now the people going by foot and two wheelers are being sent by the Forest Department from the canter. For this, the canter is being operated from the roster.

Mahendra Sharma, Deputy Conservator of Forests of the Ranthambore Tiger Project, located in Sawai Madhopur, told that during the trekking of the forest worker, in the evening near Gomukhi, the tigress Sultana appeared in the cave with the cub. It is not yet known how many cubs the tigress has given birth to. The monitoring is being done by the Forest Department. In view of security, the entry of pedestrians and two-wheelers has been closed from Monday till further orders.