Ganesh Temple

Ganesh Temple Ranthambore Ranthambore Ganesh Temple is very old temple and located at Ranthambore fort. It is very heart touch place for  devotee and visitors. Ranthambore Ganesh Temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, and around 12 kms from Sawai  Madhopur.It is said that; in 1299 AD, there was a war between King Hammir and Alauddin Khilji. During the time of  war they filled there godowns with foods and all the necessary things in Ranthambhore Fort, where King resides.  Since the war lasted for several years, the stock in go downs were over. One night when King Hammir; who was a  great devotee to God Ganesh, was sleeping, he dreamed that Lord Ganesh came to him and said that by tomorrow  morning all the problems and lacking would be over. In the morning an idol of Lord Ganesh with three eyes (Trinetra), embossed from one of the fort’s wall. As a miracle the war was over and the godowns were full. In 1300 AD King Hammer built a temple of Lord Ganesh and placed Riddhi Siddhi, his wife and two sons Shub Labh along with the idol of Ganesh. His vehicle mushak (mouse) is also placed there.

Ganesh Chaturthi holds a special place in Ranthambore and is celebrated to commemorate the origin of Lord Ganesh, who is said to have been born on this day. On this day, thousands of devotees visit the temple. There are songs and 'bhajans' praising Lord Ganesha.The Ganesha temple in the fort of Ranthambore is one of the most eminent Ganesha temples of Rajasthan.