The Tigress Spa & Resort Ranthambore


The Tigress Spa & Resort Ranthambore

Tigress Spa & Resort is a premium resort adjacent to Ranthambore National Park. It is a splendid luxury resort in the lap of Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary. Ranthambore National Park is surrounded by Aravalli hills and beautiful forest, which is known worldwide for its tigers. Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary is a spectacular wildlife sightseeing destination for the majestic tiger in its natural habitat in India. You can experience the wilderness and luxury by staying in this luxury resort of Ranthambore.

The Tigress Spa & Resort at Ranthambore with a heritage look will surely give you a luxurious experience as a royal guest. A great option for a stay in Ranthambore is Tigress Spa & Resort. Our friendly hotel staff is ready to make your holiday unforgettable. The Tigress Spa & Resort also offers royal food and spa services.

Hotel Tigress Spa & Resort is a newly built luxury heritage style property, located near the forest of Ranthambore National Park. The hotel offers two types of accommodation, one is Royal Luxury Suites and the other is Royal Luxury Villas. In which you can choose one of the relaxation options for your stay. All the rooms in the hotel have been equipped with modern facilities to ensure that your stay is comfortable and memorable. Hotel room facilities include spacious living area, mini bar, seating area, suitability with courteous room service.

The resort offers Indian and international cuisine prepared by expert chefs with traditional flavors and the most refreshing ingredients of delicious food. The resort has an experienced and friendly staff to make your vacation unforgettable and memorable.


 Tigress Ranthambore Resort offers two types of rooms for its guests to stay. All the rooms at the resort are designed with modern amenities that make your stay comfortable and memorable. These two types of rooms include the Royal Luxury Suites and the Royal Luxury Villas. Features of each room of the hotel include central air conditioning, spacious living area, mini bar, LED television, personal seating area, unlimited free Wi-Fi internet, courteous room service.

Royal Luxury Suites:

Tigress Spa & Resort has 36 Royal Luxury Suite Rooms. The Royal Luxury Suites at Hotel the Tigress Ranthambore has all the amenities you need for a luxury and comfortable stay. You can also enjoy luxury in the forest by staying in the Royal Luxury Suite. The Regal interior setup and informal atmosphere found in this suite provide a great pleasure and relaxation.

Royal Luxury Villas:  

Hotel Tigress Spa & Resort has 20 Royal Luxury Villa Rooms. The Royal Luxury Villa Rooms at Hotel Tigress Spa & Resort are designed to provide the best comfort, intimacy, comfort and a luxuriously enjoyable experience. Our stunning Royal Luxury Villa features more space, more seating and more luxury for an unforgettable stay in the lap of nature.

Room facilities: Exclusive living area with comfortable sofa, work desk and large wardrobe space. The bathroom of the rooms is equipped with a bathtub, shower WC and luxurious toilet. Each room has an individual outdoor area. Bathrobe, Hair Dryer, Room Heater, Tea/ Coffee Maker, LED Television, Room Telephone and slippers are in every room.

Drink & Dine

At the Hotel Tigress & Spa Resort you can enjoy a royal meal and wine. The hotel offers an exceptional blend of the finest wine and most delicious dishes to its guests. This resort at Ranthambore offers guests a unique wine and dining experience. The hotel has expert chefs who prepare Indian and international dishes with modern techniques with their traditional tastes. The hotel uses the freshest ingredients to cook delicious meals for the guests. The hotel staff is fully prepared to serve all its guests well. The hotel's food menu is personalized to the tastes and preferences of the guests.

Royal Flavours Restaurant:  When we talk about the glory of the era of erstwhile kings and emperors, you can get a similar experience in this restaurant. The restaurant serves authentic Indian and international cuisine. The ingredients used in the hotel restaurant are of superior quality and provide you with a great dining experience.

Royal Panorama Rooftop barbeque: The hotel's rooftop restaurant offers a panoramic view of the forest and you can clearly see the stars in the sky. The restaurant helps you choose foods. You can choose the foods you like. It gives you a personal experience.

Solar Shack Pool Bar: In the beautiful open air area of  ? the resort's pool, swim to the deck and enjoy refreshing drinks and cocktails. The hotel's special pool bar has a wide range of delicious snacks and small meals. It is ideal for rejuvenation after swimming. Enjoy an informal pool side lunch menu with a swim in the hotel's swimming pool, which includes salads, sandwiches and fresh sweets.

Royal Fusion Bar: The hotel has a well-stocked bar with good ambience and comfort to cater to all the needs of liquor lovers. All the liquor served in the hotel bar is of good quality which will provide you the best drinks and you can remember them.

Along with other facilities and services offered in the hotel, there is also a spa, which makes your stay more beautiful and memorable.

Revitalize your body and mind – Shanti – Tha Spa : Relax and stimulate your senses with a bouquet of spa and wellness services.In fact, Tigress Spa & Resort's partners will hold your breath in the most majestic setting offered by the spa and the fullness of their services. The hotel's spa offers a holistic and innovative selection of treatments that blend ancient wisdom and modern science designed to refresh and re-energize your body. Discover our spas and treatments in a setting of contemporary sophistication, specifically for guest use.

The hotel's spa facilities include a sauna and steam bath and cold shower designed to relax you. If you are taking a steam bath and a sauna bath in the hotel spa, start it after a chilled shower. The steam bath will increase blood flow to your skin, open your pores and make you sweat which will allow your skin a healthy glow as well as eliminate toxins. A cold water bath followed by a hot sauna or steam bath rejuvenates the body. Cold bath cleanses the skin and leaves the pores behind a soft, smooth, clean skin and a refreshing feeling.

If you spend some time at The Tigress Resort, Ranthambore National Park then your visit to Ranthambore will definitely become more memorable. You will definitely be amazed by the experience and it will be a life time experience for you.