Village Trip

Ranthambore Village tipThere are many villages in Sawai Madhopur which can be visited. Surrounded by with the rolling hills of Aravallis  and Vindhayas, It is quiet attractive with a pleasant atmosphere. The villages of Sawai Madhopur hold their own  distinct charm. The rural life of Sawai Madhopur reflects the determination of the people to survive in even most  difficult of circumstances.The people of these villages belong to different communities and are segregated  according to the nature of their profession. These people have deep religious faith that helps them survive in this  immensely difficult landscape. Each house has a separate corner reserved specially for worship. Every morning, the  villages pray of the god to bless them as always and protect them from all sinister eyes. A simple village has a group of people living in circular thatched roof huts with walls made up of plaster of clay, cow dung, and hay. The houses are bordered by baras which are typically made up of the dry branches of a nettle-like shrub. The sharp thorns of boundaries ensure that the cattle do not leave the premises on their own. Bigger houses can be found in larger villages only and they mostly belong to affluent Zamindar (landowner) families.


Ranthambore Sawai Madhopur Villages The Villages are famous for folk arts, especially for the decorative sketches (Mandana) which adorn the walls of  their mud houses. The pet subjects of these mandana's are animals, birds, flowers and village life. The decorative  sketches can be seen at the entrance and outside the kitchen.Also, Sawai Madhopur, along with other nearby  villages is quiet well known for its bandhani and lahariya, block printed textiles, silver jewellery, antique furniture,  wood, metal handicrafts, carpets as well as its exclusive toys, ethnic ornaments and costumes. For a tourist, the  ideal way to visit a village is quiet obviously on the back of a camel. Lastly, there are children either studying in an  open air school or running around with complete freedom. And, the gesture of the villagers towards their guests is extremely hospitable. Tourists can get a better insight into the life of villages by interacting with these people.