Blow by blow Prevalence in Famous Tourist Place of Rajasthan

A dominant male Tiger (T-24 or Ustaad), from Ranthambhore National Park killed a Forest guard on Friday evening, 8th May 2015. As per the records it's the fourth incidence since 2010.

Legendary locale, Ranthambhore mapped in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, serves the most tourist attraction for Royal big cat "The Tiger Reserve "

The beauty & attraction is endangered nowadays due to meticulous incidence at the place by the fearless Tiger.

The Forest guard, Rampal Saini, identified as the victim who was patrolling over the area. There were three more patrolling guards who were bit a bit farther from his area near by check post or main entrance gate of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. T24 was taking siesta in bush a little ahead of the barrier area at Atal sagar , ranthambore fort main road. The victim was under the tree, came to relieve himself, meanwhile, T-24 also known as Ustaad, attacked him. He caught him by jaws where the guard put up a great effort & fight but was fainted after some moment. 

Victim forest Guard late Rampal saini – Ranthambhore

Associates at Reserve hurried to the nearby hospital where the doctors declared him as dead. Family members of the Forest guard denied to accept the body & for them Government assured of financial support with Government jobs to the family members.
Wildlife enthusiasts & experts of saying that the alarming situation requires intervention of National Tiger conservation authorities demanding immediate attention & concern for the Park whose deformity is now a stage of having less visitor traffic.

T-24 or Ustad has been made notorious by human being, due to his involvement in accidents/incidents where human lives were lost. One reason behind these attacks can be considered that the physical distance between an animal like wild tiger and human being on foot was not respected. Tiger T24 terrain is main route of the Ranthambore Fort , Atal Sagar , Singh Dwaar, Amreshwar Daang and kundal zone and these area have human activities also. There are hundreds of people walking on foot Ganesha temple and fort everyday en route of T-24 territory.

The tiger was T 24 at the place just after the incident and he was searching & sniffing the place , these Tiger photograph taken by Dharmendra Khandal

T24 at Ranthambore National Park- Photo courtesy: Dharmendra Khandal
Ustaad T-24 – Ranthambore Tiger Reserve – photo courtesy: Dharmendra Khandal

Earlier the Tiger(T-24) had claimed three workers life at the reserve. However, the situation reveals the carelessness and mismanagement of authorities of the park, the result of which has left the entire staff scared & as the news flaws hopefully it will lead to "Area of attraction but with deserted traffic".

Ranthambore Tiger T24 secretly shifted to Udaipur ...
Ranthambore National Park a Magnificent Indian Bou...


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