Ranthambore – Natural Wild Tiger Breeding Junction

Ranthambore Tiger breding Junction

Ranthambore is being identified as the Natural Wild Tiger Breeding center of the state Total area of Ranthambore National Park is 392 sq Km.

By the way, Identification of Ranthambore National Park is world famous for Tiger sighting and Jungle safaris, but in the last few years, Ranthambore is being identified as the "Natural Wild Tiger Breeding" center of the state. Total area of Ranthambore National Park is 392 sq. Km. But compared to this area of the Ranthambore National Park, the breeding of tigers has increased manifold. At present, their number of population has reached more than 60. Some tigers were sent to Sariska from Ranthambore, their number is not included. It is also a special thing that, from the tigers born in the Ranthambore park, Kaila Devi, Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary and Kuno Sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh are inhabited. At one time there was no population of tigers in these sanctuaries. Now there is a very good population of tigers in these sanctuaries. On the other hand, the state government is preparing to send tigers from Ranthambore to the new sanctuary Mukundra Hills (Darrah) National Park of the state. In this way, again, Ranthambore is making its dominance as the "Natural Wild Tiger Breeding" Center.

If we believe the experts, there is hardly any such tiger sanctuary in the world which is known as Natural Wild Tiger Breeding. Although there are breeding centers in China and other countries, but they are also just like Zoo and those tigers are nurtured amidst human intervention But this case is not in Ranthambore.

Current situation of Ranthambore National Park

According to forest officials, Ranthambore tiger project has 297 sq km buffer zone whereas 1113.36 sq km area is core zone. In terms of the number of growing tigers, new areas need to be developed.

Dr. Dharmendra Khandal, Field Biologist of Tiger Watch says that in 2005, there was a time when only 18 tigers were left in Ranthambore. But now the Park is flourishing with the help of the Forest Department's security arrangements and villagers, the number of tigers has reached more than 60.

tiger cubs in Ranthambore

Some special points of Ranthambore National Park

  1. Ranthambore is such a park in the country, where tourism has the highest earnings. Ranthambore got revenue of Rs.19.5 crore in past tourism session, which is by far the highest.
  2. In the state, 62 percent income from tourism of forest department comes from Ranthambore, which is the highest.
  3. In the last one and half years, 11 Tigress have given birth to 22 cubs in Ranthambore, which is recorded.
  4. There are eight tiger were sent to sariska from Ranthambore National park. But currently, there are 13 tiger in Sariska Tiger Reserve.
  5. In 2009-10, there was no single tiger in Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary, but Today there are number of tigers is around to 10-15.
  6. At present there are three tigers in Kaila Devi Sanctuary. Now there, Ranthambore Tiger Conservation Foundation will spend Rs.5 crore out of the collected amount for Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary development.
  7. Ranthambore tigers knock up to Madhya Pradesh.

The way we are looking, the tigers are being breeding in Ranthambore,it is a big thing in itself. The number of tigers in Ranthambore was never as much as it is today in the history of Ranthambore.

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