Consent of State Government for the scheme of Tiger Safari Park at Ranthambore.

The state Government has consented with theoretically to create Ranthambore Tiger Safari Park scheme in Olwada- Niwadi forest area, thereby tourist pressure may reduce from the Ranthambore National Park. Ranthambore Tiger Safari Park will provide the best opportunity to see tigers in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. The State Government has also given order to Forest Department to complete plan survey and prepare project reports. As per the Forest Official, In Taalera range of the Tiger project area is proposed to be made Ranthambhore Tiger Safari Park. In this behalf, 550 hectare forest area has been marked in Olwada- Niwadi which is part of the same range. This area has the rugged terrain of the Banas, forested area and sandy place. The scene of the area is picturesque. 

However, the scheme will be made according to the National Tiger conservation Authority and Central Zoo Authority. The plan shall be prepared by the Forest Department, it shall be sent to the both National Tiger conservation Authority and Central Zoo Authority and if they feel that it is favor of Tigers and wildlife so then the state government will work on the plan accordingly.

The enclosure will be made for Tiger, leopard and sloth Bear
As per the Forest officer there will be constructed different enclosure for Tiger, Leopard and Bear in the Tiger safari park Ranthambore and tourists will be able to see them in enclosures. Therewith, rescue center and tourism facility center will be become. The area will be developed containing dense greenery by planting. The dirt track will be built for tourist safari vehicles. A paved security wall will be built around the Ranthambhore Tiger safari park in sawai Madhopur.

A big opportunity of employment for surrounding villages
Since coming into existence of the Ranthambore Tiger safari park in the region, nearby villages will be able to connect directly to tourism occupation and resulting, will curb poaching, illegal grazing and illegal deforestation, People will be aware about the flora and fauna of the area and their trend towards conservation of wildlife will be increased. There are several villages around the Tiger safari park including Bhoori Pahadi, Olwada, Niwadi, Doongri, khirkhidi, Shyampura and Baso etc, and many villages are known for illegal mining, but if they get employment from the tourism, we hope they will leave the path of illegal mining and will become partners in the development of the park.

Tourist pressure will be reduced from the National Park
The main purpose behind the Tiger Safari Park is to reduce tourist pressure from Ranthambore National Park. As the Ranthambore National Park is one of the best safari parks to explore wildlife in its natural habitat and because of it, tourist pressure remains in the national Park and judging by the crowds of tourists in Ranthambore, Dozen vehicles are sent at the same safari zone in Ranthambore National Park. Wildlife is affected by the movement of dozen safari vehicles in Ranthambhore National Park. On the other hand, every tourist is eager to see the tiger during jungle safari or Ranthambore Tour, if they do not see tiger in the Park, they become disappointed but there will be full guarantee of Tiger sighting in Ranthambore Tiger Safari Park.

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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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