Tiger T-33 Hammir Died in Ranthambore

An elderly male tiger T-33 a.k.a Hammir died in Ranthambore National Park . He was found dead in Chiroli forest area this morning on 20 September 2017. According to the information the tiger was wandering around for a long time for his territorial. he was injured in a territorial conflict with Male Tiger T 66 in the Khandar Range. In this fight, the tiger's forefoot was wounded. There was a deep wound on the tiger's leg, because of which the tiger was having trouble walking and again there was a possibility of conflict among both male tigers. In such a way, the forest department team tranquilized the tiger and rescued on 19 September 2017, but it was not acceptable to God and the tiger died on the second day. 

Male Tiger T-33 Died in Ranthambore

 It is being told that the area of the Taleda range has long been a terrain of tiger T33 [Hammir]. Suddenly another tiger T 75 came there and turned away T 33 from there. After that, T-33 tried to transform his kingdom into Khandar area. Even here, there was already the reign of Male Tiger T-66 and as a result there was a fight between the both tigers.

Y. K Sahu Forest officer said that the front leg of the tiger was injured in the conflict. Being a wounded, the tiger was unable to hunt because of which he was very weak. Forest Department and team of doctors tried hard to save this tiger but unfortunately he died. The tiger has been cremated after post-mortem.

Tiger T33 dies in Ranthambore
Male Tiger T-33 dies in Ranthambore
Tiger Dies in Ranthambore
Last farewell of Male Tiger T-33 in Ranthambore

T 33 a.k.a Hammir was the first litter of T 30 a.k.a Husnara (better known as Mango female) that was born in 2005. He lived in the Chiroli range of the park. Old male tigers generally lose their territory for the young and dominate male. This male tiger shared his territory with two females including T-9 and T-11. He was last sighted by tourist in winter season 2013. Male tiger T 66 is the 1st litter of T 43 a.k.a Surjan [brother of T 42 Fateh] and third litter to T 13 a.k.a Old Sultanpur female.
Significantly, due to the increasing number of tigers and lack of locality in Ranthambore, there is a situation of conflict between the tigers. Due to the large number of young tigers in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, the elderly Tiger T-33 had to struggle more for its territory.
May his soul Rest in Peace. Ranthambhore shall always be thankful for your contribution to the park.

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