Ranthambore's Tiger T 38, which wandered into the MP forest, returned home after 8 years

Tiger T 38 in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore's Tiger T-38 returns home after 8 years

There is good news at Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary which is located at Sawai madhopur District of Rajasthan. Tiger T 38, which came out of Ranthambore National Park about eight years ago, has returned to Ranthambore from Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh.

When did Tiger T 38 leave Ranthambore?

According to the forest department, in the year 2012, tiger T-38 had left Ranthambore and went to Kuno Palpur sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh. A photo of the tiger was captured in trap cameras in Kuno wildlife Sanctuary.

Return of the Tiger T38

Subsequently, for eight years, the tiger T38 stayed in the Kuno Sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh, perhaps having liked the forest of Madhya Pradesh, but now the tiger T38 has returned to its old home at Ranthambore. There is a wave of happiness among the forest department and wildlife lovers with the return of the tiger.

Identification of Tiger T 38 in photo trap camera

This tiger was being identified after being photographed in the camera trap in Ranthambore for some time. It has been confirmed by forest officials and experts that its tiger is T-38 only. The return of the tiger is also special for Ranthambhore because before this there is no evidence of the return of any of the many tigers that have gone miles from here.

Forest officials said that since the tiger returned to Ranthambore, its movement has remained in the Bhadlav and Chiroli forest areas of the Kundera range. The tiger was captured in photo trap camera at Bhadlav on 19 October and at Chiroli on 24 October.

Similarly, on 15 November, Tiger was captured in a photo trap camera in Pilu Deh of Talera. The forest department is monitoring the tiger.

About Tiger T 38

According to the forest department, tiger T 38 is the cubs of tigress T13 and its age is about twelve years. This tiger migrated from Ranthambore to Madhya Pradesh at the age of about 4 years. Tiger T 38 is the brother of Ranthambore famous tigress Noor T39.

The tiger is a solitary and territorial animal and as an adult it does not share its territory with other big cats and the powerful tiger expels the weaker tiger from the area and occupies the area. The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve currently has about 74 tigers, including sub-adults / cubs and tigress. 

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Friday, 12 August 2022