Tiger T-85 aka Pacman Dies in Ranthambore National Park

NEWS : Tiger T-85 aka Pacman Dies in Ranthambore National Park

Tiger T 85 aka Pacman dead body found at Khandar Range in Ranthambore National Park on Wednesday evening. According to the forest department, the dead body of the tiger is two to three days old. The tiger's stomach and other parts of the body were bloated. The tiger's body was stinking. Forest officials said that around 3:30 pm, a body of tiger was found at Indala forest area near Khatola of the Khandara range in Ranthambhore National Park. The Forest personnel who were on trekking at the spot saw this dead body. On receiving the information, the forest officer reached the spot. And at around ten o'clock in the night, the forest officer arrived at the Rajbagh chawki with the body of the tiger.

It is said that perhaps he was involved in a territorial fight with another tiger. Pacman had been in search of a permanent territory since he banished from his father Star male's territory. Last year we lost Star male Tiger T28 and this year his son T-85 Pacman in Ranthambore. There was a moment of joy when the year started, where his sister T-84 Arrowhead gave birth to cubs, but a sad moment took over.

Forest officials said that blood was found near the dead body of the tiger on the spot. There are scratches on the body of the tiger. On the other hand, injury marks have also been found on the tiger's neck. The first sight is a matter of death in conflict with another tiger. Other tiger is also likely to be injured in mutual conflicts.

Forest officials are feared that the Tiger T 85 has been fought with the male tiger T20. Tiger T-85 has died in this bloody conflict. It is being said that there was a conflict between the two tigers for mating from the Tigress T 48.

The Tiger T-85 aka Pacman is from the family of Machli aka T-16, known as the Queen of Ranthambore. Tiger T-85 is the cubs of Tigress T19 aka Krishna, while T19 is the daughter of the tigress T 16 aka Machhli. Tigress T-19 or Krishna gave birth to 4 cubs as her second litter of one males and three female in February 2014. Unfortunately, soon she had lost one her cubs. After that she was seen regularly with her 3 cubs and the whole family became the prestigious family of Ranthambhore. Tiger T-85 is one of those four cubs. Among other cubs, the Tigress T-84 aka Arrowhead and the Tigress T-83 aka lightning are included.

Forest Department told that the Tiger T-85 was about 5 years old. Tiger T-85 Pacman was first seen in February 2014 by tourists. Initially the territory of ​​Tiger T-85 was in Safari Zone 2, 3 and 4 of Ranthambore. The tiger was very much strolled around the Padam Lake, Rajbagh Lake and Malik Lake in Ranthambore. Later he went out to the Khandar area in search of the new territory.

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Tuesday, 15 June 2021