Tiger T98 reached Mukundra from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

A tiger of Ranthambore, whose name is T-98, has reached at Darrah area of Mukundra Tiger Hills of Kota. According to the information, a few days ago Tiger T-98 was seen traveling from Ranthambore and roaming in the forest of Sultanpur (Kota). After this, the tigers reached at Darrah area of Mukundra Tiger Hills, en-route of ​​Kalisindh River. This is the second case of the tiger coming out of a Tiger Reserve and reaching the other Tiger Reserve through the jungle. The planning of Forest Department was to send Tiger T98 to Mukundra, but he could not be caught. A team of locals and experts from the forest department was tracking him. According to sources, the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has also approved to shift him to Mukundra. The tiger itself reached Mukundra before catching it and bringing it here.

It is being told that the tiger has reached Mukundra after traveling about 150 kilometers, where its photo is seen in the camera. It has been told that two tigers are already living here. The pugmarks of other tiger have been found outside the 81 sq km fenced areas of these two tigers. There, the Forest Department has installed Trap cameras, in which the photo of the tiger has come. In the photo, that tiger has been identified as the Tiger T98 of Ranthambore National Park.

Tiger made a victim of a woman

In December 2018, Tiger T-98 had hunted a woman named Naroti in the forest. After this the tiger got out of the forest of Ranthambore. Here, forest officials of Ranthambore were searching for tiger, but the tigers crossed the forest of Bundi and chambal and reached at Sultanpur. After this, crossed the Kalisindh and entered Mukundra.

It is worth mentioning that Tiger T98 is the cubs of Tigress T-60 of Ranthambore. Tigress T 60 Territory is at Zone 2 of Ranthambhore. Earlier, Tigress T -60 had made her own territory in the Gandariya of Lahpur valley, which is no- tourism safari zone. In 2016, T-60 gave birth to 3 cubs as her first litter. The Tigress T-60 was seen along with three of her 3 cubs in zone 2 of Ranthambore National Park.

Retired Forest Officer Daulat Singh Shaktawat said that this tiger is threatened by the railway track and the National Highway. Considering its safety, it can now be kept in small enclosures made in the Forest. If conditions are favorable then it can be left in the same forest. Here the base of hunting is also very good. It should be known that in 2003, a tiger broken tail came from Ranthambore in this forest,where he died after being hit by the train.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, which has currently estimated population of tigers are about 74. It was declared as the Sawai Madhopur Wildlife Sanctuary by the Government of India in 1955 and in 1973 it was declared 'Project Tiger'. It got the status of National Park of India in 1980.

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