New Incarnation of Tigress Machli in Ranthambore National Park

All are familiar to the oldest tigress of Ranthambore. Her name is T16 or Machhli. She is famous for absolute variance in the Ranthambore National Park, now she has reached the last stage of life, hereafter may be we can not see tigress like machli, but you do not need to be totally downcast because one tigress has born in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve which gives glimpse of machhli a.k.a T16 and this tigress cub is from also Machli clan. Forest officer are confirmed that there is shape of four thorns on Tigress machli's face, similarly new cub has also same shape on her face like Machli. Wildlife lovers have already given her a name "Junior Machhli"

Actually, Daughter of T16 , her name is Krishna or T19. She is also well known tigress in Ranthambore National Park. She gave birth to four cubs fourteen month ago but one of these cubs has been dead. Three of the remaining, two are the female tiger and one is male tiger. One of these two tigress cubs has shape on her face like tigress Machli. Incidentally, this new tigress has marks like forks and knife on her left side and her maternal grandmother T-16 or Machli has also similar marks on her left cheek.

Renowned wildlife film maker and wildlife photographer Mr. Nalla Muthu had worked on wildlife documentary nearly four month in Ranthambore, during the shooting he matched photograph of T-16 or Machli and new tigress. Both marks on left cheek were identically then he apprised to the Forest Department about this matter. According to the Deputy Forest Officer Mr Sudarshan Sharma "Yes that is right that marks on the face of tigress Machhli, a daughter of krishna or T19 has similar marks on her face and it is a co-incidence"

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Friday, 12 August 2022