Tigress T 106 shifted to Mukundra from Ranthambore National Park

Photo Courtesy Dharmendra Khandal

NEWS: Tigress T 106 shifted to Mukundra from Ranthambore National Park

The good news for the employees of Mukundra Hill Tiger Reserve (MHTR) is that the first tigress relocated from Ranthambore will soon populate the forest of Mukundra. A tigress has been shifted to Mukundra Tiger Reserve from Ranthambore National Park on December 18, 2018. Nine months ago male tiger T -91 aka Mirza was transferred to Mukundra.

On Tuesday evening, the forest department team tranquilized the T-39 daughter at Sultanpur area of Zone 1 in Ranthambore. The T-106 number was given to this tigress by the Forest Department at Ranthambore National Park (RNP). After about seven o'clock in the evening, she was transported from Canter to Mukundra. The tigress was placed in a cage in the Canter. It is believed that the tigress had reached Mukundra at 12 o'clock at night. An enclosure of about 26 hectares has been made for the tigress in Mukundra Hill Tiger Reserve. It will be monitored by the forest department on the tigress. Age of tigress is nearly two and a half years old.

Introduction to Tigress T-106

Forest officials said that Tigress has been given Number T-106 in departmental records. Tigress age is approximately 23 months. Three Cubs were born during the second litter of tigress T-39 aka Noor. The Tigress T 106 is one of those cubs.

A male tiger T-91 has already been shifted

A tiger has already been shifted to Mukundra in April 2018 from Ranthambore. At that time, the Tiger T-91 went out from Ranthambhore and reached Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary, Bundi. In such a way, the Forest Department has tranquilized it and shifted it to Mukundra.

Plan to send another tiger soon

There is a plan to send two tigresses from Ranthambore to Mukundra in the first phase. Under this, a tigress has been shifted. Forest officials say that the second tigress will also be sent soon. Probably, T-73's daughter T-102 will be sent to Mukundra Tiger Reserve.

Relationship to Tigress Machli T-16

The continuation of the tigress T16 aka Machali to replenish another tiger reserve is still in progress. Earlier, Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) was populated by the tigress Machli's family. And now the family member of Machli T-16 is doing to populate Mukundra. Recently the tigress T-106 shifted to Mukundra is also related to World famous tigress Machli. Tigress T-13 of Ranthambore is the sister of Tigress Machli (T-16) and the tigress T-39 (Noor) is the daughter of Tigress T-13. Similarly, the tigress T-106 is the daughter of Tiger T-39. In this way, the family members of the Tigress Machli have populated other National Parks/ Tiger reserves besides of Ranthambore.

Target T-106 completed in Ranthambore

At around 7 in the morning at Ranthambore National Park, the forest department's team ran towards the jungle. All members of the team were in jeeps. Their target was Tigress T-106, because it was marked by the Forest Department to relocate Mukundra. The sight of everyone was on the Sultanpur area located at the Zone number one of Ranthambore National Park, because the Tigress T- 106 was seen in the same area for the last few days. In the different areas of Sultanpur, the forest department jeeps were roaming with a wireless set. Instant messaging was going on to find the tigress. During this time, Y K Sahu, chief conservator of forest (CCF), arrived there at around nine in the morning. He got information from the Forest Officers engaged in the trekking. Then, all went out on different routes to find the tigress. But there was no glimpse of the tigress.

Photo Courtesy YAD

Tigress search campaign lasted 9 hours

The authorities were eagerly waiting to get out of the tiger from the dense forest. They were passing through a moment with difficulty. It was evening in search of tigress. The forest department team was waiting for the tigress. Meanwhile, at around four o'clock in the evening, alarm calls of birds and monkeys started coming. Listening to this, the officials have some hope. Sanjeev Sharma, assistant conservator of forest (ACF), aboard a jeep, finally saw tigress at the Kharya Chaata in Sultanpur. The tigress appeared to come out from the bushes. Seeing the tigress, the eyes of the officials were shining. He did wireless messages to his officials and the tranquilised team.

Tigress was in the reconnaissance of the hunting of the Sambar deer

Tigress came out in search of prey due to hunger. Around her, she looked Sambar deer. During this she was in preparation for hunting. But she herself got trapped in the forest department's trap. The tigress came out of the bushes and sat down on the raw path. In such a scenario, it was easier for forest officials to tranquilise it. Forest Officers had long waited for the tigress. But they did not face much trouble in tranquilization.

Tigress became unconscious in one dot injection

The veterinary doctor, Dr. Rajiv Garg, tranquillized specialist, Forest officer Rajveer Singh etc. were present in the team to tranquilise the tigress. The tranquilizer team took the jeep close to the tigress and parked it. Then in the direction of Dr. Rajiv, the tigress was injected by dot. Tigress became unconscious in just minutes after a dot injection took place. Medical examination lasted for 75 minutes.

Tigress was 130 kg weighing

After unconscious the tigress, the forest officers waited for a few minutes, so that he could not get completely conscious. After being fully satisfied, the tranquilize team got down from the jeep. Tigress placed on the stretcher. This was followed by a medical check-up of tigress. According to Sanjeev Sharma (ACF), the weight of the tigress was 130 kg. Tigress is about 23 months old.

When the tigress was tranquilised , then Mr. Y K Sahu, chief conservator of forest (CCF) of Ranthambore , Mr. Mukesh Saini (DFO, Ranthambhore), Mr. Sanjeev Sharma ( ACF, Ranthambhore), veterinary doctor Mr. Rajiv Garg, tranquillize expert Mr. Rajveer Singh, Ranger Mr. Narayan Singh, Wildlife biologist Mr. Girish Panjabi and Mr. Ghanshyam Sharma (CCF) of Mukundra Tiger Reserve were present.

The tigress had sensed in 5 minutes

Sanjeev Sharma (ACF) said that it took about one to two hours from the tiger's medical examination. After this she was kept in the cage. The cage was placed in the Canter. After this, Dr. Rajiv Garg injected the revival to bring the tigress to the sensation. The tigress had sensed in about five minutes. She was completely healthy.

At a glance, on the operation of tigress shifting

At 7.00 AM: Start trekking in park.

At 9.00 AM: Y K Sahu, chief conservator of forest (CCF) reached in the forest.

At 4.00PM Tigress was seen at Kharya Chaata

At 4.05PM Tigress was tranquilized

At 5.45PM Left for Mukundra Hill Tiger Reserve (MHTR)

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